Talk With Honest College Students. Uncover the Truth About Their School.

Speak online to current college students and hear authentic and honest perspectives about the schools you care about. Unaffiliated with college administrations, we aim to give you exclusive, unfiltered information previously inaccessible to the general public.

Here's What We Offer

Three College Resources

Free Group Q+As

Learn what a school is REALLY like to attend from college students in FREE 20-minute Zoom Q+As

Private Sessions

Attain personalized advice and perspectives through a 45-minute 1-on-1 chat with a college student.

TRUE Search

Easily find authentic perspectives about your dream schools from actual students for FREE.


Why College Uncovered?

You're a high school student and you want to go to college, but you don't know where. You've tried asking your friends for advice, but they all have different opinions! Imagine having the opportunity to speak with current students at colleges across the country. They can tell you what it's like living in their dorms, how much work they do each week, and whether or not they would choose that school again if given the chance. College Uncovered offers an authentic look into campus life from real college students. We give prospective students access to exclusive information previously unavailable online through our website. Our goal is simple - we want every student considering college to be able to to make a thoughtful, well-informed decision.


Honest and Independent




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Access Authentic College Insights With Our Online Resources

Group Sessions
20 minute group Q+As where you'll get honest insights from college students attending your schools of interest.
20 Minutes
Group Questions
Reservable Sessions
Valuable Insights
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Private Sessions
Go in depth with a 45 minute one-on-one conversation with college students attending your schools of interest.
45 Minutes
Unlimited Questions
Convenient Booking
Tailored Insights
Specific Club Suggestions
Precise Course Suggestions
Networking Opportunity
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TRUE Search
Use our homemade, refined Google search engine to access genuine opinions about your schools of interest.
Unlimited Searches
Unlimited transactions
Personalized Results
Authentic Opinions
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Have More Questions?

Who is College Uncovered for?

College Uncovered is designed to give prospective college students the opportunity to talk with current college students and gain genuine insight into schools all across the U.S. 


How does College Uncovered work?

Simply sign up for a free account with our hosting software Tutorcruncher to instantly gain access to Group Q+As, Private Sessions, and TRUE Search.


What questions can I get answered?

Speakers will answer everything and anything you want to ask about a school. Want to know what the daily workload is? What is the party scene like? How good is the food? All these questions and more are welcomed in the Group Q+As and 1-on-1s. Unlike info-sessions, there are no scripts, and no question answering techniques that turn negatives to positives.


My dream school isn't represented, what should I do?

We are always looking to expand our speaker list to include new schools. Either email us at or fill out our Contact Us form at the bottom of the home page to let us know what school you’d like to see represented.

What are Private Sessions?

If you really enjoy attending a session with one of our speakers, easily sign up for a 40-minute 1-on-1 for $23 and get all your questions answered, big or small.


Want to Get Paid $24/hr as a College Uncovered Speaker?