Our Team: By Students, For Students

Luca Broder

Luca is studying Economics and IR at Tufts University. He and Andrew Co-Founded College Uncovered.

Andrew Dunbar

Andrew is a Biochemistry student at Tufts University. He and Luca Co-Founded College Uncovered.

Brianna Johnson
College Relations

Brianna is a Sociology student at Wesleyan University. She manages college speaker outreach.

Mike Ferzoco

Mike is a Chemical Engineering major at WashU STL. He leads digital marketing and company branding efforts.

Founded by two college students in their freshman year, College Uncovered was built to address many of the issues experienced by millions of college applicants every year. While going through all of the motions in applying to college–taking standardized tests, writing essays, and attending admissions sessions–the hardest step by far was the very last one: deciding which college to attend. After lugging through hours of tours, talks, and traffic, the entire process felt identical and impersonal. Details of each college started to blend together, and it felt impossible to find honest stories about attending those schools. Even tour guides, picked by the college, seemed to read off of the same script! Throughout it all, we felt that something was missing, and we filled this gap with College Uncovered. Whether you’re contemplating where to apply, considering Early Decision, or making your final college choice, the opportunity to talk with a student living on campus today will give you a real, uncensored snapshot of your possible future.