Looking to Earn Cash and Improve Your Resume?
Become a College Uncovered Host.

With College Uncovered You Can Work on Your Own Schedule, and Earn Up to $24/hr.

Get Paid to Talk About Your College Experience

Subsidize your college spending, boost your CV, and help high schoolers.

College Uncovered is a platform that connects you with high school students through free Group Q+As and paid Private Sessions. Earn an easy $18 for every 45-minute private session that you schedule and spend no more than 20-minutes hosting a free Group Q+A. With no strings attached, you design your schedule around your availability.
  • Earn money when you want
  • Low time commitment
  • Improve your resume
  • Make a difference

Schedule Around Your Classes

While your clients can request times, only you make the final decision behind you host sessions.

Genuinely Help Your Peers

Choosing the right college is HARD! Help out your high school peers by offering them unfiltered perspectives about your school.

Fund Your Nights Out

Say you have 3 hours free per week. That's $72 from just a few 45-minute Private Sessions.

Add to Your Resume

Through free group sessions, you not only drive traffic to your 1-on-1s, but you altruistically help your community. Private sessions demonstrate your personable nature and leadership skills.

How Can I Get Started?

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    Enter our Waitlist

    Click ``request early access`` at the top of this page, input your email, and you should be redirected to an early access page.

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    Improve Your Waitlist Position

    We can only take on so many college hosts right now, so to make sure you get a spot right away, share the link with a couple friends! It's part of our marketing strategy, and its the only real way we can assess your dedication at this moment.

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    Become Approved

    Once you are approved, create a Tutorcruncher account. Tutorcruncher is the software we use to manage our platform of high school and college students.

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    Watch our Tutorial Video

    Once your profile is complete and you are redirected to the Tutorcruncher dashboard, watch our tutorial video and complete your profile!

Have Any Other Questions?

Reach out to us via email: hello@collegeuncovered.com. We will respond the same day.