Private Sessions

Have an online one-on-one conversation with a college student at your dream school. Our honest hosts are entirely independent from biased college admissions teams, so they'll tell you what life at their college is actually like, and give you personalized recommendations based on your interests.
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Why Book a Private Session?

As former high school students who experienced the college research process, we know exactly what you need to make the right decision.

Get Honest and Authentic Answers to ANY Questions You Have About Their College

Whether you are an aspiring student athlete applying to top-tier sports schools, a master programmer looking at technical institutes, or anything in between, receive personally-tailored advice regarding your circumstances.

Specific School Clubs

Based on your interests your host can tell you which clubs to join, which to avoid, and where to find a the social scene right for you.

Specific Classes and Professors

Get advice on professors to avoid and classes to join

Admissions Insights

Speak directly with an accepted student about their application. Get insight out how they actually got in.

Social Kickstart

If you hit it off with your host, you might just have a friend upon arrival!

How to Sign Up for a One-on-One

  • 1
    Create Account

    Create an account with our data management platform Tutorcruncher.

  • 2
    Navigate the Menu

    Click 'Speak with a College Student' on the left-hand menu once inside our Tutorcruncher portal.

  • 3
    'Private Sessions'

    Click 'Private Sessions' once inside the 'Speak with a College Student' menu.

  • 4
    Choose a Host

    Find a college host that's right for you (you can filter by school under 'pick a subject), click on their profile, followed by the 'speak with a college student' button. Select the best time for and you'll be emailed a Zoom link.

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